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I guess this is a "birdy topic" ??? Anyway, just for those people who haven't heard about this, be aware!!!! I also think that this could just be the tip of an iceberg. Vegetables and many other crops??

Here in Australia we still use chemicals that have been banned in the rest of the world.

We have chickens, but only for the eggs, not to eat.

Well, anyway here is the article:

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Modern society is awash with antibiotics; it's not just a problem confined to primary industries. A similar cycle caused the development of MRSA (another superbug, methicillin resistant Staphlyococcus aureus). 

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It's like a dog chasing its tail. I often wonder if sooner or later the bugs will outwit the antibiotics & we'll have a huge pandemic on our hands which will result in a significant reduction in Earth's human population.

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