Hello from Samford Valley

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Hello from Samford Valley

Hey guys the names Devster and I live and work in the beautiful Samford Valley Qld 25mins from the Brisbane CBD.

Like Cage I too have been a BIB browser and even joined about 3 years ago but now I'm keen to be part of the flock.

We have a huge variety of birds in this region including the Powerful Owl (Not that I have ever seen one), The Green Catbird, a variety of Honeyeaters, Parrots and so on. Even Yellow Tail Black Cockatoos!

I love birds, particularly their different sounds but have also recently taken up an interest in photography and I even added a pic myself but then was embarresed when I saw all of your amazing photos.

I would love to get together with a group and go bird watching, listening & photographing some time.

They say life is too short to make all the mistakes yourself so I'm keen to learn from your experiences and mistakes.

Look forward to hearing from you and learning.



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Welcome Devster! I thought your photo was good, and I've never seen a Forest Kingfisher so it was great to see. Looking forward to see more photos from you.

Rick N
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Welcome, hoping to see many of your photos.

Don't worry about the quality, the more you take the better you get.smiley


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Keep 'em coming, Devster.

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Hello and Welcome! I have loved seeing your photos of the kingfisher, and I look forward to seeing more of your photossmiley

I hope that you enjoy your time here!


Annie W
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A warm welcome Devster!  Looking forward to your birding discoveries down the track.  I hope you'll find we're a pretty friendly bunch here.  Don't ever be afraid of posting shots, no judgements should be made unless you specifically ask for critique, imo opinion anyway.  I think the topic has come up before a time or two laugh and I'm a great believer that it is the seeing & the getting and the sharing which is the best part of birding and photography - each to their own of course.  I'm pretty well stuck where I am for the moment so what everyone posts on here I may never get to see myself, so very grateful that they are shared!

West Coast Tasmania

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Thanks for the warm welcom guys. Already loving seeing your magnificent photos of birds, some i've never even heard of before. As I take more photos and learn more I hope to post a lot more of birds of the Samford area as we have many wonderful species. I particularly like the rose crowned pigeon and wompoo fruit dove and have seen them at walk about creek but not photographed them.



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welcome then Devster now I know where you are :) I have been birding out that way once anyway, and there is a good variety.  Look forward to seeing more from you



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