Act for Birds, Act for Nature - national roadshow starting today!

BirdLife Australia is calling for stronger nature laws that genuinely protect our wonderful birds and their precious habitats. The Act for Birds campaign is live, BirdLife's report just launched, and we're starting to see the extinction crisis getting the national media attention it deserves

Starting today, BirdLife Australia is hitting the road, stopping in communities across the country to bring together people who care about our birds and want to help. The time to Act for Birds is now - come along to a town hall event near you!  

Melbourne (April 12) - Perth (May 2) - Adelaide (May 3) - Hobart (May 7) - Toowoomba (May 8) - Brisbane (May 9) - Cairns (May 10) - Sydney (May 11) 

You'll hear from local guest speakers about how our current nature laws are affecting your community and local bird life, and we will offer you practical ways to take immediate action and make your voice heard.  For some, this issue may be a bit daunting, and that’s why we want to provide you with the information and confidence you need to speak up for birds.   

Too many of our birds are threatened with extinction because Australia’s nature laws are weak, under resourced or poorly implemented. 

Together we can create a system where science is respected and the community is heard. We have the plan to make this a reality, but it will take all of us coming together and speaking up to make the change we need.  

Together we can Act for Birds. Read more about the campaign at 

 and   @birdsinbackyards
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