Are Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle numbers now increasing - or are they in decline? The Where? Where? Wedgie! Project wants to find out!

Where? Where? Wedgie! is NatureTrackers first long-term project, to monitor Tasmanian birds of prey.  We focus on wedge-tailed eagles, but we cover all birds of prey as well as white cockatoos and corellas.


Prior to NatureTrackers’ initiative in 2018, the Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle population was not formally monitored. The last official estimate of its size – at fewer than 1000 birds, and likely to be declining – was based on information collected many years ago. Since then, there have been lots of efforts to reduce the impact of human activities on these birds, but we don’t know if they’re working. 


Help us find out.


Each autumn, we’re inviting as many people as possible across Tasmania to join us to help find out, by spending a day out with your eyes to the sky.


Hundreds of people took part in the first survey in May 2018, and the results they collected have gone some way to answering our questions about eagle numbers.  But there were some big gaps in the survey, which is why this year, we’re encouraging Birdlife supporters to get out and about into some of the more remote and privately owned parts of Tasmania - including in areas where these species are rarely if ever seen.


Where? Where? Wedgie!  workshops have also been held in schools across Tasmania.  Schools students learn about eagles and other birds of prey, and about monitoring threatened species.


How does the survey work?

This year’s surveys will be run over two weekends - Friday 10th-Sunday 12th, and Friday 24th to Sunday 26th May.  Survey teams will pick a survey site, and then conduct six, ten minute surveys from different points within their square on the same day.


You can get involved by signing up to NatureTrackers at


You also can find information on our website about how to book your survey, and how to prepare for your day of bird-spotting.  There’s also loads of information to help you brush up on some of your bird identification skills, before you hit the field and turn your eyes to the sky!


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