BirdLife Photography competition now open: City Slickers

Are you keen on bird photography? The City Slickers photo competition is now open (again!) on the BirdLife Photography website. 

Earlier this year we ran the City Slickers Photo Competition with our own wonderful photography forum community and had some pretty amazing submissions. If you missed the original post, you can see the submissions here. We enjoyed it so much, we thought it would be fun to extend the competition to our friends at the BirdLife Photography group and see what people came up with. So if you're keen to have a go, check out the rules and submit your photographs here. If you participated in the first round on the Birds in Backyards website, you can still have another go with the new competition on the BirdLife Photography site. Challenge yourself to capture a new image, or submit the same one. This time the prize pack includes three BirdLife Australia pin badges for the winners of each category. 

If you're an experienced photograher or just interested or getting started, visit the Birds in Backyards photography forums here and join the community. There are active forum groups sharing best photos, photography tips and tricks, and participating in photo challenges


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