Birdata App

The Birds in Backyards surveys are now fully functional on the Birdata app! Download it from your App Store or Googleplay

You can now enter your bird sightings as well as your all important garden information to us via your smartphone or tablet in one go!

Here are a few tips for you:

  • don't forget to register for Birdata
  • for general info on using the Birdata app (note this is not specific to Birds in Backyards surveys) click here
  • decide first what survey period you will do -
    • a 20 min count (which you can do in real time or back date) gives us information on the bird species visiting AND how many there were
    • a weekly list (a look back over the week of all the bird species you remember seeing) only tells us which bird species you saw
  • water level - this is a standard across all surveys in Birdata and is not applicable for Birds in Backyards surveys. Feel free to ignore it
  • assign your survey to one of our projects (like our quarterely surveys, Birds in Schools or Safe Cat, Safe Wildlife)
  • site/garden details - imagine a 'birds eye view' of your garden (check out GoogleEarth!)- how much space do each of the different layers of your garden take up? Remember this is JUST a ballpark. Read the categories (none, a few, some, most) and see what fits best
  • think about what domestic animals you not only own, but also wander into your garden
  • the app (and web portal) automatically compile a list of suggestions of birds that are found in your area. Click in the 'search by species name' box to see a drop down list, with photos
  • have you seen a bird not in the list? Type in the name if you know it (and a list of possibles will appear) or else use the Bird Finder on the Birds in Backyards website or built in to the Aussie Backyard Bird Count app to search by the shape, colour and size of the bird
  • witness anything extra? You can also let us know of any breeding behaviour or any aggression. Every piece of info you can tell us helps

The best way to test it is to give it a try! So grab your smartphone, head out in the garden and get counting

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