Birds in Backyard art webinar

We're happy to be hosting an art creation webinar on 26th June.

Use this link to register for the event. Download and print this image before the event, or have it open on another screen while guest artist Jane Rusden guides us through the work. You can click the photo on the right to make a larger photo or use the traced image further down the page.

To make the most of the session, we suggest you also trace the image before the session. Here’s how to trace: Trace the main features and outline of the bird onto tracing paper using a pen that is coloured so it stands out against grey lead pencil. 

I’d suggest sticking down your tracing paper so it doesn’t move. You have two options, print off the bird photo and trace of that against a window. Stick both the image and the tracing paper to the window. Or if you have a light box, you can use it instead of the window. Secondly, if you have a tablet, turn the brightness up as far as it will go and tape your tracing paper over the screen to trace the bird. Be sure to get the scale to the size you want your painting to be.

Once you’ve traced the major features of your bird, take a pencil, HB or 2B, and colour the BACK of the tracing paper with your bird on it. Then tape your bird tracing with grey lead on the back, onto your paper on which you’re going to do your painting. Using your pencil or a pen, re-draw along the bird tracing. This way the pencil on the back of your tracing will transfer to your painting paper.

Once the tracing is transferred, assess it for any adjustments it may need, using the bird photo as a reference. Avoid erasing on watercolour paper as much as possible and be gentle. The surface of watercolour paper is delicate and you don’t want to rough it up. Your finished line drawing is best lightly drawn, so you don’t see it in the final painting.



Don't be put off if you don't have the opportunity to trace the image, or if you don't have access to paints- we think the session will still be rewarding if you improvise with whatever you have at hand!


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