Birds in Schools: Free lessons available

Birds in Backyards is thrilled to launch a free version of our Birds in Schools project. The 'Pardalote Package' is a 2 module curriculum-linked teaching package aimed at Year 5 and 6 students. The teaching and learning is based on the students’ role as citizen scientists investigating the bird community and habitat of their school grounds and contribute to a national database investigating and protecting Australia’s bird life.

Whats in it?

In the package you will find:

Module 1: Bird is the Word - a set of background teaching notes

Module 2: All About Birds - a curriculum-linked module that is split into 4 lessons covering how to assess habitat, identify birds, conduct a bird survey and enter the surveys into our Birdata portal

Additional Resources: You will find all accompanying worksheets including bird identification sheets for urban birds in each state (note: currently coastal NSW and Victoria available, check back regularly as we add more).

To download the resources, please fill out the form and a link will be sent to you.

Spread your wings

Teachers can also join our Birds in Schools facebook group to get advice on anything 'Birds in Schools' and discuss urban birds not only with other teachers in Australia, but soon, around the world. Use the group to exchange your bird lists with schools internationally! See just how different our bird communities can be.

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