Birds in Schools: Melbourne Update

This year, Birds in Schools is being delivered as a BirdLife staff-supported program in Melbourne for the first time. Nine schools are participating in the program which, is a joint effort by teachers, students, BirdLife staff and our incredible volunteers.

The Birds in Schools program is designed to teach students to identify and survey birds, investigate their habitat requirements, and ultimately, take action to make their school more bird-friendly. It’s an enjoyable and rewarding program for everyone involved. The students have been engaged, excited and are becoming very keen bird-watchers!

Many schools are integrating Birds in Schools into other areas of the curriculum and the results are impressive! After learning about the lack of native understory in urban areas, students from grades 5 and 6 from Coburg Primary School and Cornish College have been getting creative with their new knowledge.

Joshua from Coburg Primary School has written a beautiful and educational poem about the importance of native shrubs for our birdlife.

The Spikey Bush - By Joshua

Prickly and harsh but plentiful with flowers,

A sea of pink and green.

Sharp but uncontested for our soaring friends of wings.

Looks can be deceiving,

From nature to raw stone.

Stop and take a look,

For this is our home.


Dion from Cornish College has recorded the class’s observations of a big old eucalyptus tree at their school in a detailed illustration showing Red-rumped Parrots using tree hollows (image shown).

Schools all around Australia can participate independently in the Pardalote Package, the first two modules of the program, by registering here or contacting

We also welcome new volunteers for the program. If you are interested in volunteering for Birds in Schools, or if you are a teacher who is interested in participating in the program, please get in touch with Alex by email at:

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