Birds in Schools Update

North Queensland

After a hugely successful 2018, North Queensland schools taking part in the Birds in Schools project are getting their hands dirty and putting in their bird-friendly gardens. With funding from an Engaging Science grant from Advance Queensland, we worked alongside four BirdLife Australia branches in Rockhampton, Townsville, Mackay and Cairns the respective Regional Councils to take 9 primary schools through the project.

The students designed and developed their Action Plans using bird surveys they collected themselves and now, with support from the councils and BirdLife branches, the bird-friendly gardens are going into the ground. Reports are rolling in as these gardens are planted.

At Edge Hill State School the students were delighted earlier this month to be visited by a pair of Laughing Kookaburras - birds that are new to their Birds in Backyards surveys.

The students at St Frances Xavier have been getting their hands dirty and planted out a series of garden beds using native plants throughout their school grounds in the last couple of weeks. We can't wait to see how the local bird life responds.


Birds in Schools Resources

Teachers can download free Birds in Schools resources here - or contact us if you would like a more detailed package - We are seeking schools in Melbourne and Western Sydney NOW! Your school can take part, with support from Birds in Schools Project Officers Alex Johnson and Tom Covell (welcome both of you!) and receive funding to implement Action Plans before the end of 2019.

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