Business of Biodiversity Podcast: Twitcher Tales

The NSW government's Saving Our Species Program has released Episode 8 of their podcast series: ‘Business of Biodiversity’ – a podcast dedicated to all things conservation and what farmers, businesses and NGOs are doing to protect Australian threatened species.

Episode 8, titled ‘Twitcher Tales’, is all about the importance of our feathered friends. Listen to a range of passionate birdwatchers, or twitchers about the various benefits of birds, the key threats they face, and how to create key habitat to ensure they have a future. Guests include BirdLife Australia Southern NSW Woodland Bird Project Officer, Ben Humphries; BirdLife Australia Urban Bird Program Manager, Holly Parsons; Bonnyrise Farmers Jan and Neville Lubke; and Birds in Backyards member, Lea-Ann Ledden.

Link is above or search for the Business of Biodiversity series on whatever podcast platform you use.

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