Celebrate 20 years of Birds in Backyards with us

Begun in 1998, Birds in Backyards is celebrating its 20th year as a national citizen science program. Now that’s something to get excited about! Learn, participate, and create with us this year.

Catch up on the program’s history and achievements. Then rediscover Birds in Backyards and delve into what’s new this year…

LEARN all about birds and discover some great resources.

Try out our Bird Finder tool and explore the website to learn how to create habitat for birds, great school activities including the return of the Birds in Schools program, and downloadable posters.

PARTICIPATE in a bird survey and join the conversation on social media.

Get involved with bird surveying this year! Just one quick 20 min survey every quarter on our new surveys on Birdatathat’s only four times a year – can contribute so much information on our feathered neighbours and help us help our birds. Join us online and on social media – tell us about your birds and why you love them:

Online: www.birdsinbackyards.net/forum

Facebook: /BirdsInBackyards and /BirdLifeAustralia

Twitter: @UrbanBirdsOz and @BirdLifeOz

CREATE habitat for birds and champion change.

Share your spaces with birds and create a place they’ll love. This year you’re all encouraged to help advocate for the protection of our native urban birds. Whether it’s indirectly through surveys  - helping to guide our conservation plans and best practice guidelines for urban birds – or directly through your actions at home by creating and protecting habitat, or getting others involved in Birds in Backyards. Be a voice in your community!

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