Citizen scientists surveying Canberra's gang-gang cockatoos

Hundreds of Canberrans are doing their part this week to map the distribution of the ACT's well known gang-gang cockatoos.;

The Canberra Ornithologists Group is currently mapping the regional distribution of the cockatoos and the group is partway through a week-long muster to gather data from the community.

The group's Chris Davey said it was part of ongoing efforts to fill in knowledge gaps about their breeding and nesting habits.

"The survey is based on your garden or on your worksite and what you do is record the maximum number of gang-gangs you see each day within a hundred metres of that spot ... It's important for this survey to also, if possible, record nil observations," he said.

The surveys are simple to complete and can be done online or by mail.

Like to participate? Find more information at the ABC News website.

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