Climbing on up

Got a blank space in your garden that is begging to be filled? A wall that is looking a little plain? A pergola that needs some shade provided? Get results quickly and easily by planting some native climbers or vines.

They are such an incredibly versatile group of plants – and one that really should be valued more as a feature in gardens. Climbers and creepers will expand and grow into the space you have available, they can be trained to grow up structures like fences and easily pruned back if they start growing a little too well! Use them to quickly add extra density to a group of shrubs or small trees by planting them close by and allowing them to grow up and between the plants, cutting back when necessary.

There are many hundreds of species available across the country. Three of the more common species that are widespread, grow well and are easily available are:

  • Hardenbergia violacea – the native sasparilla (probably the most well known vine)
  • Kennedia rubicunda – the dusky coral pea
  • Pandorea pandorana – the wonga wonga vine

All three of these species have spectacular flowers (in colours like purple, red, yellow and white) that attract a flurry of insect activity, which is in turn, great for bird life.

Get some vines in your space and add a valuable new dimension added to your garden.

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