Free GroNATIVE app for SEQ residents

GroNATIVE gives residents in South East Queensland an exciting opportunity to create truly beautiful gardens that are good for them and good for biodiversity. Created by ecologists, this tool has been designed specifically to enhance the ability for backyards to contribute to conservation - setting it apart from previous horticultural aids. Whether you want to create a tropical oasis, a quaint cottage garden or a cater specifically to birds and butterflies, GroNATIVE will provide a list of the regional natives that will inspire you to get out there and get some dirt under your finger nails. You can also select plants that have certain characteristics that appeal to you; pink flowers, shrubs, water wise etc. Finally, and perhaps most importantly for birds, you can select plants that deliver a vast array of benefits to the wildlife and flora of your local area. Plants that attract fruit-eating, seed-eating or insect-eating birds, provide frog or reptile habitat and even plants that are hosts for the all important mistletoes of South East Queensland are all included in the GroNATIVE App.

Download GroNATIVE for FREE now from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Happy planting!

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