Important Birdata Privacy Update

We are constantly looking at ways Birdata can be improved – how to make it easier for you to record, store and explore our bird life, and how to best collect the information needed to protect our native birds and their habitats.

From the next update, in the Explore section of the web portal, you will be able to click on individual survey points to see what has been recorded there and when. This provides a more convenient way for you to explore the birdwatching locations near you.

However, the flipside of this is that it will change the way your data is displayed on Birdata, and what elements of it are visible to others. We take your privacy very seriously, which is part of the reason why we are notifying you of these changes.

You will notice that when you Record Surveys on the web portal, when on the Details page, you now have the option to make surveys private. This will hide both the survey location and species list from other users. For example, you might want to make a survey private when you are on private land or conducting surveys as part of your work or research. If you have existing surveys that you prefer be private, you can also use the Edit function on the My Data to make those changes.

Most things won’t change - information from private surveys will remain stored on the Birdata platform. They will still be accessible to you like the rest of your data and most definitely still be valuable to us as we work to monitor and protect our birds. But the specifics of these private surveys just won’t be visible to other users.

Note that surveys that already contain sensitive data – observations of endangered species and breeding birds will still have the same protections they always have.

If you have any questions about these or any other changes, please contact

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