Myna reduction encourages return of native bird species

There are just wars and unjust ones and one of the just ones is the ongoing war here in the ACT against the Common Myna (aka the Flying Cane Toad), an introduced brute introduced to the ACT in 1968.

Successful massacres of the species (the Canberra Indian Myna Action Group reported 3551 captures in 2012-2013 alone) have been waged not out of malice but on behalf of native species, like the Australian Owlet-nightjar peering out at you from our picture.

Reader Ric Hingee reports "I am one of the early members of CIMAG ) and have assisted in reducing the number of these birds to a point where they are now down from being Canberra's third most prevalent bird to being the 19th. I myself have dispatched around 500 of them from my backyard and have not seen any for many years now. This has resulted in many native birds returning to my garden ... The most recent to make its presence felt is the Australian Owlet-nightjar which I have found sitting in a tree in my backyard and on the TransACT wires on various days."

Read more on the Canberra Times website.

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