Newsworthy wildlife and the harlot in the garden

Here is a picture of a King parrot gnawing a medlar in a Wanniassa garden but before we discuss it we note that Monday's Canberra Times was adorned with the story of another bird, a fledgling magpie. It had to be rescued (by firefighters using their Bronto aerial appliance to lift up a ranger) from high up in a tree in pioneering Harrison in Gungahlin. The magpie had one of its legs caught in string (perhaps up there in the tree because magpies sometimes use string in the composing of their nests) and was dangling and struggling.The waif was taken to the RSPCA and shelter chief executive Tammy Ven Dange gives us the quite good tidings that in spite of the hammering given to one of its legs, "he seems to be in good spirits, and he's perching pretty well and we hope to release him on Thursday". Like to know more? Read the full story at The Age website. 

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