Overwintering – when shorebirds come to visit

Art sneaks up on people

     “Art sneaks up on people”, Sue Poggioli said. “A nice image draws people in. You make an image and it makes people look at it and think about it.”

Sue is talking about the prints that form part of the three-year Overwintering project.

The brainchild of print artist Kate Gorringe-Smith, the Overwintering project invites artists to contribute original prints created in response to the unique nature of their local migratory shorebird habitat.

To participate, each artist donates two of each print to the project, one to exhibit, and one to sell to raise funds for shorebird conservation. The prints become part of a permanent Overwintering Print Portfolio and many have been exhibited across the country.

Read the full story, or find details of forthcoming exhibitions by the project, visit the Westender website.

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