Powerful Owl Project 2014 - volunteers needed

Following from the successful Powerful Owl monitoring season we have just been recharging the batteries for the 2014 breeding season (May – October). In the 2013 season the project located 56 pairs, 34 nesting trees and had 43 chicks fledge in the urban area in Wollongong, Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle. For a 2013 season wrap up please view the newsletter at http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/Powerful-Owl-Newsletter .

We are beginning our push for volunteers in Wollongong, Sydney and Central Coast/Newcastle for the 2014 breeding season so if you are keen please contact us at powerfulowl@birdlife.org.au . We will be running volunteer training workshops on the 13th April in Lake Macquarie, 4th May in north Sydney and the 10th May in southern Sydney. Please also drop us a line if you have sighted these beautiful birds of the night and let us know the location. Happy owling.


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