RSPCA seeking community input on cat management

Managing free-roaming domestic cats is a complex problem with no easy solution, and it’s a challenge being faced by many individuals and organisations around Australia.That’s why Australia’s leading animal welfare organisation has brought together the current and relevant scientific information on domestic cat management in a discussion paper, which is currently available for public comment.The RSPCA’s Identifying Best Practice Cat Management discussion paper aims to build on the knowledge gained from previous work, and the considerable efforts made by governments and animal welfare organisations, to conclude how best to manage domestic (owned, unowned or semi-owned) felines. Although many excellent organisations are working hard to determine how best to manage cats across Australia, there’s little or no guidance or shared knowledge on what’s working and what isn’t. The RSPCA is keen to increase collaboration and implement more consistent evidence-based approaches to improving the welfare and management of cats while minimising adverse impacts.

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