Student wanted: Powerful Owl project - Masters or Honours


The Powerful Owl is found in the forests of eastern Australia and curiously it occurs within many of our cities despite its size and threatened status.  Powerful Owls nest within a large hollow and these are a limited resource within urban environments, especially cities although, through the Powerful Owl Project, we have located many breeding territories in the Greater Sydney region. Using GPS tracking this project aims to assess Powerful Owl's preferred hunting habitat and prey within the city of Sydney. This project will also assess the owls roosting behaviour to inform the selection of locations to install supplementary hollows in an attempt to support breeding of this threatened species within the urban environment.

The project has sufficient grant funding to cover field equipment and operational costs and we have a number of potential supervisors at Sydney universities. For information, please contact John Martin: or Holly Parsons:


 and   @birdsinbackyards
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