Taking a ramble on the wild side

In the tradition of Steve Abbott's comedy radio program "Birdbrain", broadcast on ABC Local Radio some years ago, comes "Hello Birdy", hosted by veteran Australian actor William McInnes.

"Hello Birdy" screens on ABC1, commencing on Saturday, February 1, 6.30pm.

This is a six-part series, in which, according to the ABC, "William McInnes gets up close and personal with some of Australia's diverse birdlife. With his offbeat sense of humour and a weird bag of tricks, William observes Australia's birdlife and the people who work alongside them."

Be warned - McInnes cautions viewers "not to tune in expecting expert commentary."

To read more about the program, visit:

The Sydney Morning Herald website.

The program's page on the ABC website.

The West Australian website.

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