'Walking time bombs': bird lovers call for ban on poisons

Staff at our BirdLife Australia head office in Melbourne were initially thrilled to see a Southern Boobook roosting nearby, but it was soon apparent something was wrong, and she died that same day.

We have recently learned that she had suffered a lethal dose of second generation rodenticide. We (along with many of you) have recently put a submission in to the Australian Pesticide and Vet Medicine Authority as they examine the availability of anti-coagulant rodenticides. We want these second generation rodenticides removed from public sale and only available to licensed professionals. Check out the article published in the Age: https://www.theage.com.au/environment/conservation/walking-time-bombs-bird-lovers-call-for-ban-on-poisons-20200812-p55kyl.html

Take our pledge to keep these products on the shelves and make your garden an owl-friendly one. You can check out the alternatives available and download a poster to let your family, friends and neighbours know: https://www.actforbirds.org/ratpoison

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