What you told us about surveying birds

Well 2017 sure has been an exciting year so far! There have been a lot of changes as we continue to improve and grow the Birds in Backyards program, your backyard birding experiences and the many ways you contribute towards positive outcomes for the birds that live where we live.

Back in April, we sent out notifications about the move of our surveys to the Birdata portal and asked those of you who participate in surveying to tell us a little bit more about you, your motivations for surveying birds and your experiences surveying and exploring data. The results of this survey have already helped to improve the new surveys on Birdata. But even more exciting is that it's helping to shape our backyard birding journey together for 2018, including how we use your bird surveys to improve conservation outcomes for urban and regional birds. In the coming months we'll start sharing some more great ways you can get involved, many from your own suggestions!

So without further ado, I give you:

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