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Cowra is a town in central-western New South Wales that is surrounded by a largely rural landscape. This landscape also contains patches of remnant native vegetation that are home to woodland birds. As a group, woodland birds are of extreme conservation concern because their habitat is declining in extent and quality. Land clearing and prolonged drought are making it hard for many bird species to persist.

The Cowra Woodland Bird Group, in collaboration with Cowra Shire Council, the Lachlan Catchment Management Authority and Birds in Backyards, is conducting an intensive survey of the birds of the Cowra region. Surveys are being conducted in both the town and nearby woodland remnants.

To participate in the full survey, follow the link to the Backyard Bird Survey page and on the Backyard Bird Survey Form, select "Cowra" at the prompt "Display survey list for:"

To provide records of our iconic bird of the Cowra region, follow the link to the Grey-crowned Babbler survey page.

Birds of Cowra region

Two keen bird photographers, Kevin Vang and Wojciech Dabrowka, have put together a photo gallery of birds they have photgraphed in the Cowra region. Visit the photo gallery

Plants for Cowra region

For a list of bird-friendly plants suitable for gardens in the Cowra region, use the following link: Plants for Cowra Gardens

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