How do I stop bird strikes on my windows?

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It can be heartbreaking to find a bird dead at the side of your house after it has hit a window. Most birds collide with windows because they see the reflection of trees and the sky in the window, or they are being chased and are distracted. Sometimes there may be another window or a mirror inside the house that fools the bird into thinking it can fly through.

If you find a bird that has hit a window, it may be concussed or have internal injuries and occasionally there may be wing or leg injuries.  Put them in a dark, well ventilated box with a lid and keep them in a quiet place for an hour or so. Do not give them food or water. During that time the bird may recover from its injuries and be able to be released. If not or if there are initial obvious injuries, contact your local wildlife rescue or take the bird to a vet who knows wildlife or birds. See our FAQ carers list for contacts and more information.

Please check out our Bird Strike Project page for tips and tricks to minimise strike risk at your home or office.

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