100's of black kites with whistling kites

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100's of black kites with whistling kites

After my move I had som much stuff to get rid of so I headed to the browns plains waiste and recycling facility. there were hundreds of black kites hovering (much more then last time) all in large groups in different areas plus I also noticed some whistling kites in the mix. I was in such a rush the pictures weare not the best plus I forgot to clean my lens from this mornings wind crying oh well I'm removing all the non-native plants and replacing them with natives so will just have to take my camera back with me when I take the greens wink

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Hi Cassie i saw the same thing in the middle of Narrabri a few weeks back , loved watching them yes

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Wonderful Cassie! :)

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Brisbane southside.

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There were heaps at the Maitland tip about five months ago. On the weekend someone posted a video of probably a 1000 at a Karratha tip.

Awesome raptors.

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Is it rubbish in the tip that attracts the black kites or mice & rats that are attracted by the rubbish?

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Nice shots cassie!

Woko: I think that it is the mice/rats that attract themsmiley At least thats what it looked like at our tip. The raptors would dive down into the piles of mulch and green wast and come back up to land on the nearby tree, they almost always had a mouse or ratcheeky

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I  noticed heaps of these guys out west last year, around tips at Cunnamulla, St George etc.

Didn't realise we get them at our local tips too.

Probably because I go to the sanitised local tip where there's no longer obvious outdoor landfill.


Annie W
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Wow, what a beautiful sight it must have been!  Noisy too I imagine?  But a "nice" noise, if you know what I mean laugh

West Coast Tasmania

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Have not got a black kite yet, might have to go to the tipwink

Shorty......Canon gear



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The ones at Maitland just picked out any rubbish that was edible. There were many, so probably some had mice or rats, but we have tons of photos with meat scraps etc....

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Wow, that must have been an amazing sight, Cassie. 

Those Fork Tailed Kites are lovely birds... Does anyone know why there are so many of them around at the moment? Is it because it is drying up inland and they are being pushed towards the coast? 

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Darwin tip looks the same at the moment as well!, love going to work and see them wheeling in the thermals.

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I was doing a bit of a cruise down that way today, so I dropped by the tip. Not having anything to dump, I was kind of resigned to not actually going in, however to my surprise, as I was driving down the entry road, I saw there were a whole shedload of kites sitting around on the soccer fields. 

Very freakin cool. :)

I need to work on my BIF skills. *sigh*

Annie W
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Verrry cool windshear.  I must check out tips & waste plants here, I'm just not looking hard enough for BOP's!  I'm hearing you about the BIF practising, mine are a (long) work in progress laugh, but I do think it's a beaut in flight shot - at least, I'd be very happy with it!  They're such lovely birds aren't they?!

West Coast Tasmania

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