#145 Mute Swans

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#145 Mute Swans

Well today I went to Lake Gwelup in Western Australia and saw 2 Mute Swans. This is now 145 birds marked off my list now , I am slowly getting there. They were quite a ways out on the water so these are the best that I could take. Enjoy. !

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Nice photos shoop,I've never seen these before.

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Head over to Lake Gwelup , I don't think its that far from Joondalup. The Mute Swans have been at Lake Gwelup since the 11/5/13 by the bird sighting page. You will see the pair of Hobbys there too. Just sorting through my photos now and uploading them to Flickr.

Kerry - Perth, Western Australia.

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or very reliable and close-up pics can be had at Northam where they 1st established, I also got a juvenile pic there in March, pics in the "general' thread 


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