2 from Calna Creek

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2 from Calna Creek

Dodgy ID shots but the basics are there. The first is white fronted, black headed, black eyed and grey backed. These were seen in the dark shade cover at the edge of the creek/mangroves between a freshwater creek and the saltwater river at the peak of the day. The second was in the next tree but has a warm yellow throat. They look vaguely familiar but I cannot find them on any app or birdfinder.

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flycatcher which one not sure

See it!  Hear it!

Mid-North Coast NSW


Yeah looks like a a pair of Leaden Flycatchers. Thanks for that Nightowl.

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Nice. I posted one of these (a female) yesterday, as I wasn't sure if leaden or satin.

You've done well to catch the pair of them.


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