2 Little Grey/Brown Birds - identification please

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2 Little Grey/Brown Birds - identification please

First post. Having trouble with adding photos from flckr. Resized and uploaded them instead.

The 1st photo was taken yesterday at Brimbank Park in Victoria yesterday (2/10/2013) also around 11am. I think it is a female golden whistler.

The 2nd photo was taken at Woodlands Historic Park in Victoria today (3/10/2013) around 11am. I have no idea what it is, only what it isn't!


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Both appear to be female Golden Whistler.

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Yes, both Golden Whistler females... you can see the classical whistler bill (like a chickadee), short and stubby. Also, on the second photo, notice the pale yellow tint to the undertail.

Brandon (aka ihewman)

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Thanks heaps!

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