2014 BIBY Calendar.

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2014 BIBY Calendar.

Is there anywhere showing a preview of all the photos in the calendar? I see the shop page has 4 photos would like to see all before considering a purchase. ad

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Hi aussiedavid - I will have to talk to the birdlife guys who have designed it and see if more are available, I haven't seen them all yet either! 


The calendar is for all of BirdLife Australia (not just BIBY) so funds go to help some fabulous conservation and research projects on our threatened species. 

Just to make things more confusing - there are a couple of fabulous guys who are also doing a calendar to raise money for our Powerful Owl project! I will be advertising it in the next newsletter - and I know I will be buying a couple from each laugh


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Anyone who collects birdie calendars should also look at the Raptor Refuge Calender, also out now, proceeds got to the Raptor Refuge, see link below. Click on "Support us", and go to the store.

I know we are not supposed to promote products or links, but this is a really worthwhile cause. I have seen first hand, the work Craig and his volunteers do, when delivering raptors for ongoing care and rehabilitation. Cost is $15, delivered from the refuge to anywhere in Australia


if you don't want to go through the login process, for the store, PM me with your post code, and I will PM back with a quote to include postage (I have no financial gain from this site, only trying to help out).

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Thanks Holly & Dale will check them out. ad

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