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3 New Ticks

My first time seeing a wild kookaburra, it was quite friendly and let me come quite close Three new ticks today! My first time seeing a wild Kookaburra, I would not of seen him if he didn't move, after getting comfortable with my presence he let me come quite close after flying down to a lower branch. Second I found an Australaisian Grebe chick (thanks Zosterops for ID) which was super exiting.

then to finish the day I saw my first ever Pacific Gull, it was quite weary but still happy with the photos I got!

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the grebe was alone? that is unusual.. don't think i've seen one that young without parents nearby. it's also unusually close to land. Once I saw a hoary-headed grebe on land (v. unusual behaviour for a grebe). 

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Hi, and thanks! The Grebe was on a large body of water with another grebe, it was too far away to tell if it was a adult, I think it was. The reason it was so close to land was because it kept upending and swimming at the same time and it gradually floated closer to the edge of the lake, it soon went back out to other grebe after seeing how far in it was.

Tegan - Melbourne Vic.


Nice photos tegan - always good to get some new species. 

I like your pacific gull, nice bright colours.  Thats a very fluffy looking kookaburra in the last pic.

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Well done, Tegan. It's always nice to get new birds.

Shorty......Canon gear



Rick N
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Nice work. Lovely to get three new birds and nic eones at that.

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Thanks guys, I hope to get more ticks soon. I actually thought the Pacific Gull was a very big Silvergull until I zoomed in on my camera and saw it wasn't a Silvergull. The Kookaburra flew up higher again looking very annoyed because a young Magpie kept stealing the grubs it was going to eat, and kept dive bombing it! 

I also found a big Jellyfish at the beach with the PG (Safety Beach) which I posted in Social hoping for an ID

Tegan - Melbourne Vic.

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Congrats on getting 3 new pics. Very unusual about the Grebe. The Kookaburra is certanly very fluffy/

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Good work Tegan!

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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