5 minutes at the beach today.

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5 minutes at the beach today.

We weren't really looking for birds today, so to see these was just a bonus.  The first is a Pied Oystercatcher, probably a juvenile, going by the eye colour.  The seagull just happened to be passing by.  And from Victoria Point, Qld., looking across to Coochiemudlo Island, apparently the natives used to walk and swim across the sand bars and channels to this island.

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Nice to get a shot of the environment in which you took these great photos, Karen. It really explains how the indigenous folk were able to travel to the island with the great name which I won't attempt to pronounce here.

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Thanks Woko.  Yes, gotta love Coochiemudlo.

Brisbane southside.

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Karen wrote:

gotta love Coochiemudlo.

and Pied Oystercatchers!!

thanks for the pics



Great shots Karen.

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nice PO! cool!

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Good shots Karen, I love Pied Oystercatchers they look great and the camera is working well for you . When we were kids we used to jump off the jetty on Coochie and swim back to shore and do it all over again and again, if only we had known what was swimming out there with us.



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