5 o'clock in my garden

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5 o'clock in my garden

....long worm, .....long story...

DSC03985 (2) DSC03986 (1) DSC03988 (1) DSC03989 (1) DSC04012 (1) DSC04013 (1) DSC03991 (1) and then the Wombat arrived. DSC04027

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That is a fantstic sequence M-L and the biggest worm I've seen - we got a few pretty large worms in Emerald but none as long as that - a meal and a half for the Kookaburra by that 2nd last photo. The wombat looks prettty healthy there too! Thanks for sharing!

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Fantastic, how lucky were you!  We know a wombat comes through our garden but we've not seen it yet, just the results of it barging through the property.  And I love watching the kookaburras with the worms but haven't seen one that long yet.  Great catch.

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Fantastic photos and I didn't know worms grew that long

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can I assume that it was 5.00am - because ................................................ the early bird gets the worm

but seriously - good sequence of pics


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I enjoyed seeing these pics very much.  Wow, I've heard of these lengthy worms but have never seen one.  That bird won't need to eat for a week now.  And I love the wombat.  Don't see those here.

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