ABC Science - Aussie Birds Quiz

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ABC Science - Aussie Birds Quiz

came across this ...


Can you tell the difference between a cuckoo and a cockatoo, or a peregrine and a penguin? Get in touch with your inner twitcher and discover how much you know about some of Australia's beautiful birds. 


Try the quiz here

btw got 9/10 correct !


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Thanks. That was fun, but I only got 8/10 :(


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Nice, I got 9/10 too, but by absolute fluke- I guessed the ones about the Penguins and Weebills. But I liked option c for question 3:

The budgie " was bred from the rainbow lorikeet: a friendly red-beaked, purple-headed bird with green and yellow feathers found through the east and north coastal areas, especially in the tropics d) A budgerigar kept in a travelling cage by the explorer Ludwig Leichhardt flew back from the Great Sandy desert to his Brisbane home in November 1848. For several weeks it eerily repeated what sounded like, "Hilfe bitte,"( "Help please," in German) then eventually stopped eating and died."

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Double post

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I managed to get a 10/10 but there was a couple of gesses in there ,I had a laugh about one of the options in question 5

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I got 10/10 - does that mean that I should enrol in an ornithology course or that I just read too much?


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Only 5/10 for me but I don't know much about your mainland species, still good fun, and I learnt a bit.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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 Only 6 questions correct for me.

This was a bit of a surprise though....

The powerful owl Ninox strenua, is Australia's largest and strongest owl. It eats about 350 possums each year - that's about one each night! 

Samford Valley Qld.

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That is why there is no possum problem unlike in NZ ?

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I got 9/10. That's pretty good for a 14 year old!

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