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Nice sharp shots in some low light! I especially enjoyed the turtle. :)

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Currently travelling, so will make this short, and hopefully I don't double up. 

First day - I wanted to stay the night at Glenrowan Caravan Park since I have heard that its a great place for birds. And wow! I will be going back. 

171. Rainbow Bee-eater

There were quite a few around which was neat! I have put a improved shot of a Jacky Winter.

And also a terrible EBC of a Turquoise Parrot, I feel I need to call back on our way home to see if I can get a photo in focus! Hopefully its enough to ID.

172. Turquoise Parrot

Then today we have stopped in West Wyalong, and came across some Apostlebirds which is a lifer for me. 

Love going to new places and also seeing new birds or birds that you don't get to see around my local area.

173. Apostlebird

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Love those bee-eaters and the Jacky Winter is a great shot. If you stop in your way home, will it be in the New Year, you would be off to a cracking start with some fantastic birds.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Rainbow Bee-eaters are always beautiful to photograph. Very jealous of your Turquoise Parrot even if it isn't quite as sharp as you would like. Congrats on  the lifer. The Apostlebirds are such characters

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Gorgeous bee-eaters posing perfectly for you!

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Wonderful birds, Abby. I hope that the rest of your travels are so rewarding.

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Great result for 2021 Abby, well done! Love the bee-eaters, what a cute couple :-)

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Will you be adding some more for 2021, Abby? I bet you have a great start on 2022.

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I won't worry about adding any more for last year, thanks Sue. Having a great time out central NSW, a tad hot for my liking but getting some birding in and some lifers!! 

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Nicely done Abby :) that's a great set of birds for the year, and I've really enjoyed getting some tips for birding locations from your posts! 

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Well done, Abby, a great total for the year 2021. I know that you have made a start on 2022 and I look forward to seeing what you have found. Enjoy your travels.


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