And The Process Begins

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And The Process Begins

Thought some of you may be interested in the changing process of the Male Satin Bowerbird
I took this 2+ weeks ago and wondered if the feather situation meant that this was a male about to change

then last night - i apologise for the quality - it was getting late and he was far away

i will keep an eye out for him and see if we can follow the process
even though the quality isn't the best it still made my day as i am very interested in these strange little creatures - hope some of you are too :))

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Thanks for posting these - I find this very interesting. So far, it looks like there is a complete change of one part at a time - can't wait to see the rest.

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hi qyn55 :)) thanks for your interest - yes legs and beak are changing to white - then it seems to be just the area that were fluffed out - to me it's amazing that a black beak turns white and a highly patterned bird turns black but hopely we will see it unfold

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I really like seeing the development in birds, myky. Keep 'em coming.


i will try Woko :))

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jameson i have no idea what you mean ?

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I keep getting numerous notifications of posts i haven`t subscribed to. How do i stop them?


On your profile you can manually unsubscribe from each one which does take time, don't know why it subscribes to them in the first place. I suggest you make a folder in your inbox which directs all messages from BiBY to it so it doesn't clog up your inbox or create an alternate account you do not use and change your email in your profile so the emails go to the other account you don't regulate.

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Usually forums give the option to receive notifications or not. Your forum doesn`t do that. Updating the profile does nothing but change a password. How do i contact the Administrator of the forum? Your forum is complicated compared to others. I don`t want all of those notifications I prefer that i be unregistered.


as Amateur said unscribe at the botom of your profile - go into help (top one) and ask Holly for help
and it does give you a choice everytime you post but obviously something has gone wrong guess that doesn't happen in other forums


top one Help won't help as that is read only apparently

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