Another Escapee

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Another Escapee

Blue Indian Ringneck Parakeet turned up today :)
such a gorgeous bird

And Tango (Green Cheeked Conure) is still around giving the natives heck
this is him having a go at a Scaly


What a beautiful bird, great shots myky 50


thanks Cath and Shane :)
he is so cute - he has befriended 1 Galah (a baby i think) - the rest of the Galahs react the same way as they do with Tango


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You are lucky to have such beautiful visitors... hope they survive OK

Sunshine Coast Queensland


Very nice Myky,love the flight shots of the Ringneck.


thanks birdie and Tassie :)
the kids bought a Parrots of the World book for Christmas = the way it's going i'm going to need it :P

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Great find myky50. We have a green one that I first spotted about 5 years ago. She drops in every now and then and also gets on with galahs! Here she is in our feeder

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I forgot to say she is an escapee too, not a pet. She is obviously doing well in the wild. Once I saw her sitting on the power line in the next street with a group of galahs


Hi Birdgirl :)
I'm glad yours is doing well - i don't know i just don't like the idea of them in cages (any of them) - don't you think they are just coolest things - i'm probably only saying that because they are so different to what we have here
unfortunately for me i only saw "Blue" ;p on that one day but it was a thrill and an education :)))

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I wouldn't keep birds in cages either, although we thought about it when one of our baby galahs couldn't seem to fly (bred in our nesting boxes, took 10 days from leaving the box to leaving the yard!). We would have kept him because we got very attached to him. Keep an eye out - I only see the green every so often. It will come in for a while then not for months.

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Great photos of the ringneck in flight myky50. Lovely colour in its plumage; I guess they don't occur like that in the wild.

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The Blues were my favorite mutation of Indian ringnecks when I was breeding them. A well coloured & bred natural green is still the best though .


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Great photos Myky50. Good shot of the Ringneck flying straight down. It is a nice colour. I also love Tango.

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