Australasian Darter - The girl next door (to work)

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Australasian Darter - The girl next door (to work)

Where I work happens to be next to the Brisbane river, which is a lovely place for a stroll after work. Last year I noticed a female Australasian Darter, who appears to be a resident of the area. I walk along the river several times a week, and she quite often be found perched on a low-hanging mangrove branch (sometimes chillin with a pied cormorant, little black cormorant, or more more infrequently, with a male Darter).

I think that they're a gorgeous bird, and thought I'd share some pics.

Today she was being harassed by some noisy miners. (messing with a bird whose beak is longer than you are? Hmm)


Annie W
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She sure is a beautiful bird windshear. yes Lucky you having the river so close to work too!  Love that third shot especially, she looks like she has her beak raised ready for a Noisy Minor kebab hehe. smiley

West Coast Tasmania

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I totally agree with RubyE windshear these are beautiful photos . I absolutely love the last photo, what a fabulous screensaver it would makeyes. Darters are gorgeous I have a photo (and always the case ) you get the only opportunity to get that perfect shot and no its not in focus. This happen while one was in the water and had a neck totally full of food , I thought its neck would explode it was so fat, but also it had its tailed all fanned as well , I have never seen them do that before with their tail in the water. Would have made a awesome photo if it had been in better focus.crying

Kerry - Perth, Western Australia.

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That is an interesting pic Shoop. Can't say I've seen one do that before either.
'Almost' pictures can be annoying. Guess some things are just meant to be enjoyed in the moment. (Doesn't stop it being irritating though)

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Great shots, they have certain air about them which just so appealling

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