Australasian Gannets

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Australasian Gannets

Had a great time yesterday watching these gannets circle and fish , the immatures were squabbling among themselves when they caught a fish and nearly got mowed down by a yacht coming up the river. Very funny to watch the fish escape and take off only to be caught again and tossed around by the various hunters.

Watching then dive is just amazing and you get plenty of chance to get it right ( not that that helped me much) as they do circuits and one by one they just keep on coming smiley

Mature Gannet:

Immature Gannet:

Kamikaze Gannet !!!


Pied oyster catchers.... leg resting in synch!

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Wow Adrienne, what great shots. ( I would love to live in on of those flats!)



Very nice sequence of shots Birdie.....Well done capturing those Gannets in flight smiley

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Thanks M-L and Tassie ..... I am still going through the shots but they were certainly awesome to watch so even though only a few were good for keeping , I am happy enough

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Fantastic shots.  I love the pic of the wings folded in the dive position, but all are just great pics.

Brisbane southside.

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Love 'em Adrienne, especially that first one. 

Cheers, Owen.

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Very nice Adrienne. You should have a look at the patch tool (press J on keyboard) and tidy up the dust spots in the shots where you can see the pure blue sky. Easy to fix!

Wonderful shots BTW! smiley

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