Australasian Gannets

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Rick N
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Australasian Gannets

As well as Albatross we were lucky enough to come across a group of feeding Gannets on our Pelagic trip out of Port MacDonald a couple of weekends ago.

Dolphins were feeding on baitfish with the Gannets making the most of the opportunity.

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Wow, some well coordinated aerial aerobics there. Special to get them with the dolphins too!

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera


Great action photos - love the one of them all crash diving together, great timing and anticipation to get that from a rolling boat deck.

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Great shots as usuall, Rick.

Have been admiring that last pic for a while ;)

Shorty......Canon gear


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Great pics. I love watching diving gannets, how they fine-tune their trajectory by making micro adjustments with their wings to aim for the fish, and then tuck them back at the last split second before hitting the water. Amazing birds.


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Some great action shots!

Samford Valley Qld.

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They are crackers! I too have been admiring your last shot for a while. Your Pelagics seem very profitable.

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Great flight shots Rick, Lovely work.
The last one is a classic

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