Australian Magpie

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Australian Magpie

I always find magpies really photogenic and good for practice shots, as they let you come quite close. Here is one I thought I'd share, enjoy! 


Thats a very nice one tegan ... great eye contact with the viewer.

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Nice one Tegan- A good reminder not to overlook the common birds

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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I love them too, Tegan.  Especially their delightful song.

But a few have bruised themselves against the back of my helmet when I'm riding my bike in nesting season.  Very smart, they know me on my way to work everyday and stake me out.


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Thank you WD, HB & DM, I too love their song!

Tegan - Melbourne Vic.

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Lovely shot Tegan. I have two pairs of them on my property. They had lots of babies this year.


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Thanks ML, we have heaps around here, infact I can hear them singing now!

Tegan - Melbourne Vic.

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I love them too, I read that they have very strong ability to remember and recognise faces, in experiments two people walk by and one tries to climb and interfere with the nest.  At later times, the magpie will swoop only the person who did that and leave the other alone.

So i always feel as if i am known when i see my friendly pair in the park.


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Wonderful photo. I love Magpies except in spring.

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Love the picture of a favourite Australian bird ...the song and that pose remind me of home.  We have a pair who bring the family along when they visit.


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Great photo. You did well capturing the detail in the blacks and the whites which can be difficult in black & white birds. I too love their song or "warble" reminds me of our great country. Also reminds me of "Footrot Flats" Thanks for sharing. And yes sometimes we forget our more common birds, so its good to be reminded.

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Thanks guys

Devster - yeah I was happy with the results of the black and White not being blown up, which I find trouble with, especially white. I actually love capturing the more common birds like magpies, miners and the like. I dunno they are just great to photograph

Tegan - Melbourne Vic.

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