Australian Pied Oystercatcher

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Australian Pied Oystercatcher

Went to Orielton Lagoon (a RAMSAR wetlands site) about 25klm east of Hobart today, hoping to see the recently returned migratory birds, Eastern Curlew and Bar Tailed Godwits, which have been sighted in recent times. Unfortunatley didn't have time to search all areas and they were not home where I was. Did see a lovely pair of Pied Oyster Catchers. Will return another day, hopefully with more time.

Australian Pied Oyster Catcher2 by Dale Watson, on Flickr

Australian Pied Oyster Catcher1 by Dale Watson, on Flickr

Australian Pied Oyster Catcher by Dale Watson, on Flickr

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Great footage. I love their red eyes. I have not seen these birds before, are they only found in Tassie or are they also on the mainland. Have a great weekend my friend. Thumbs up.☺♥♥☺

Lucky Patcher Kodi nox

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Thanks clarc, the are found all round the shore of our wonderful country. And I hope your weekend is great also.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Those eyes and legs always stand out. Great to see them and so well captured. Thanks, Dale.

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