Baby Thornbills

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Baby Thornbills

I always find these little birds so hard to pick, especially the juveniles. Do you think these are Brown Thornbills? Couldn't see any red in the eyes?

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Hi Roger, were they that small? I think there is some yellow on their chest? They are not Yellow Robins though, they are speckled darkish brown, I had some in my garden last year.

Going by the stripes, you might be right, they are too mall to be Golden Whistler Babies, don't you think? (Owen would know)

What ever they are , this is a gorgeous photo.


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Hi, it's been a long time. Yes they were very tiny, I had to crawl half way into the bush to see them, they were probably only about 4cm tall. There were three but the photo I took of the all three of them was blurry. Roger

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Whatever they are, they're gorgeous.  I keep looking but never see any babies around here. I do see juveniles of crimson rosellas and king parrots but they're almost full size.  Would love to see some little chicks.

Selby, Victoria

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The seem to be developing the striations that brown thornbills have on their fronts. But inland & striated thornbills have these striations, too.

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