Barking Owl or Boobook?

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Barking Owl or Boobook?

Hi All. Posting for a friend. Is this one a Barking Owl or a Boobook? Seen in Central West NSW. Thanks :)

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Given what appear to be fully feathered legs and a lack of yellow cere, leads me toward Southern Boobook, but as always, I will happily stand corrected. Size might also be an indicator with the Barking Owl would generally be larger, but size might overlap (Boobook 25-35cm and Barking Owl 35-45cm according to the Morcombe app).  Would have been nice to see the eye colour, but obviously not happening during the day.

Either way it is a nice sighting, lucky you.

Hoping someone can give you a more confident answer.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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