Bassian or Russet Tailed Thrush?

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Bassian or Russet Tailed Thrush?

I need help identifying this bird. It was seen in Dorrigo, NSW. 

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Quite a challenge to differentiate between the two. I have not seen the Russet-tailed but have seen Bassian Thrush. If you have any flight shots check to see if there is more white about the outer tail feathers when compared to Bassian. Also some rear view shots might show the russet colour and scalloping. Altitude seems to be another clue as Slater suggests Russet-tailed is found below 900m. So if you are on the Dorrigo plateau then that is high but down in town is the lower range. Apparently the songs are also different.Sorry but I have only given you more to consider and not an answer.

Good luck


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This one is tricky as I can't quite see the scalloping.

Definately looks like a young bird.

I would say given your location and altitude (if high), Bassian thrush but not 100% certain.

I would be interested to hear what others think.

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Any other opinions on this one?


Hi Sedie,

As others commented need a clear shot. I can't make out the markings on the secondary feathers. Anchor shapes would show it as a Bassain. It just have to be a U.F.O unfortunately.

Kippa-ring, Qld.

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I'd say Bassian. LJ

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