Beautiful Redland Bay (2nd try)

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Beautiful Redland Bay (2nd try)

Hi all, yesterday I lost all my images on BIBY, my fault, anyway here are images of my home town & where I do most of my Bird photography. I feel blessed to be living in such a beautiful area of Queensland so just thought I would share these.

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Lovely, Dennis. Plenty of bird habitat where you live!

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Glorious countryyes, great photos. My favourite one is the one where you have the reflection of the sky and tree in the lake only. You could almost turn it around and nobody would notice that it's a reflection and not the real thing.


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Thanks Woko & M-L yes it is glorious country, now i've just got to get out more and take advantage of my environment. Being semi retired and only working 2 days a week should leave me plenty of spare time, however I'm always struggling to find that spare time.


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