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Beenleigh SEQ

Some shots from this morning's hunt.

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Very nice images you have got there. I particularly like the top one, the Common Coot looks as if he is walking on water.

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That Coot photo is absolute classic 

Besides the walking effect , the fact you have also captured a great reflection and the  splashes as well


Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Thanks! (I don't seem to be getting notification of these comments)

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thank you! I'm pretty happy with the way the shot turned out.


I like your shots .... the coots & moor hens scampering on the surface of the water is easy enough to see, BUT not so easy to be ready with the camera and to get such a good shot with those reflections thrown in too.

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thanks WD. I have to admit that on weekend mornings, if the sun is out, I stand at the edge of the pond and wait for something to happen. It usually does, but I can't predict what. My zoom is out to 400mm, my shutter speed is 1/2500, and the autofocus is pretty fast. I get lucky sometimes.

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Great capture. The reflections are wonderful


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Terrific shots Greyson. Just love the Coot shot!

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