Behaviour change

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Behaviour change

Use this thread to discuss behaviour change techniques and results. The following quote illustrates the importance of understanding behaviour change:

"... the solution to the ecological crisis does not lie in traditional technological approaches but rather in the alteration of human behavior. In short, the ecological crisis is a crisis of maladaptive behavior ... we must go to the people in an attempt to understand these behaviors. We must determine what the population knows regarding ecology, the environment,  and pollution; how they feel about it; what commitments they are willing to make; and what commitments they do make. These are the necessary antecedent steps that must be made before an attempt can be made to modify critically maladaptive behavior."

(Maloney and Ward, 1973)

Maloney, Michael P.;Ward, Michael P. American Psychologist, Vol 28(7), Jul 1973, 583-586.

Let us know  what behaviour change techniques you have employed and how successful they have been.

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